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Become a driving instructor UK

If you are looking for a new way of life, a change of pace or you want to be your boss with a popular franchise, becoming a driving instructor can be a perfect career switch for you. As one of the leading driving school in the UK, we have vast experience under our name, and we have trained thousands of people.

Reasons for becoming a driving instructor

  • It is an excellent opportunity to make positive changes in your life
  • It is a unique way to be your boss. As an instructor, you become self-employed-with no one controlling how you do things.
  • You get a chance of working flexible hours that suit your schedule
  • You get a chance to meet new people each day.
  • You become an active part of the community and get involved with colleges or schools by helping to improve road safety through teaching driving skills that are crucial to everyday life.
  • Gives you a chance to earn extra cash that you cannot obtain in another profession
  • Offers you an opportunity to enjoy excellent work satisfaction
  • You become an expert – one can diversify into specialists’ areas like fleet training, advanced training, or driver re-education.

Once you become a driving instructor with us, you get a chance to enjoy the advantages of being self-employed, which means you get greater control over your schedule and finances. On an average, a driving instructor can earn around 600 pounds a week, but it could even be more depending on your working hours. There is also a more significant opportunity to gain by starting giving lessons during your training.

How do you apply to be a driving instructor?

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) control the method of qualifying as an approved driving instructor. In addition to criminal record discloser number, they will demand your driving license and any details about any court cases or offenses brought against you. You can fill out the inquiry form to know how we can help and guide you to be a driving instructor.

What does a driving instructor assessment entail?

It consists of three major parts

  • The theory test
  • The practical driving test
  • The instructional ability test

For more details on how to become a driving instructor UK, go through our instructor stories and go through our FAQ pages. If you are ready to start your driving instructor career, contact us.