Food Hypnosis Therapy

Food is one of the basic necessities of life but for many it is a problem – they eat when they shouldn’t and eventually they become obese. Overcoming eating disorders is not easy – most people are not able to change their eating habits even when they are faced with potentially life threatening conditions. Others try and fail – there is no diet to date which can be termed as 100% successful. One therapy which has been found to be effective is hypnosis. Food hypnosis therapy can help you overcome food addiction issues and therefore lose weight.
Hypnosis can be tricky business if you don’t use the right methods. To be successful you have to use the right hypnotherapist, one who is properly trained and who has a track history for success. You should find out how long the hypnotherapist has run his practice and how many people he has successfully helped overcome eating disorders. It is important that you be clear about the methods that he or she will use in advance – discuss them and make sure that you are comfortable with them. If there is any part of the therapy that you don’t think you will be comfortable with you should talk to your hypnotherapist about making adjustments.
As you get into therapy you should be prepared to change your relationship with food. You will not longer look at it as a source of comfort but a source of sustenance – you will only reach for it when your body needs nourishment. You will be able to change your habits so that when you come across a trigger you are able to deal with it in the right way instead of eating.
One hypnotherapist with a track record for results is Aaron Surtees. He is at City Hypnosis in London and he can work with you to cure you of your eating disorder. You can find out more on his website,